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Mags Kirk

I’m Mags, the director of a team that provides speech and language therapy for babies, children and young adults.
I’m originally from the good old North, brought up in a small village on the outskirts of Sheffield. Since graduating in 2003, I have lived in Ely Cambridge, with my three gorgeous children!

My passion for speech therapy started when my mum organised a work placement with a family friend who was a Speech Therapist. For as long as I can remember, I was interested in how I can help people. I was 14 then and I haven’t looked back!

I have been involved with speech and language therapy ever since. I had the privilege of a very supportive NHS team, and my amazing boss taught me how to expand my inquisitive mind and always ask questions: “Why does that work?”, “What do we need to do next to get the outcome we need?” I had countless opportunities to learn from many fabulous people in the field. The learning never ends.

Ray Snell

I’m Ray, my position within Two Can Talk is Creative Manager! I’m also Mags’ partner. Career wise I was an electrician and then a fire alarm engineer, both of which draw on my natural ability to problem solve and use logic. In the 1990s I was the key founder in setting up a youth and community centre and here I met Mags, who volunteered for the project for several years. In the decade or so that it was open we saw hundreds of the local children and youth come to a place that was simply there for them.
During the first COVID lockdown I noticed that Mags was able to accomplish more different tasks in a week than any one I have ever seen but I saw that Mags needed help to get a structure so that she could delegate, thus enabling her to continue her mission of helping as many families as is humanly possible. I have found a natural place within TCT making gentle observations and then creating systems to give better visibility of what is happening in the business.

I believe that in all spheres of life everyone has things they have the most knowledge and insight on. I can see that over time my role will keep changing and I feel will continue to revolve around finding creative ways to improve all we do.

I have a few personal loves including photography, dancing and running.

Taru Launiainen

My name is Taru Launiainen and I’m originally from a city called Tampere in southern Finland. After having my fill of the arctic winters, I opted to move to the (slightly less chilly) city of Edinburgh in Scotland to study and have since found myself settled in Cambridgeshire with my partner and our often disgruntled, but occasionally affectionate rescue cat.

I studied psychology and neuroscience at university and stumbled upon speech and language therapy while working with children within a school setting. The blend of evidence-based practice with an ethos of being guided by the individual needs of children and their unique families felt intuitively right for me. I knew this was a profession that I wanted to be a part of! So, after completing a postgraduate degree in speech and language therapy this year, I’m truly over the moon to be joining the Two can Talk family!

I have always wanted to enter a profession that has a positive and meaningful impact on the day to day lives of individuals. I’m thrilled to be able to work with Mags and the team to deliver therapy in a holistic, client-centred, and individually tailored way. I don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’ and I am committed to supporting each child to find their own individual form of expression and to reach their potential.

Marguerite Gaynor

I’m Marguerite Gaynor and I am a Speech and Language Therapist. I am originally from Ireland but moved to the UK for university. I have over a decade of experience working with children learning English as a second language and I have a particular interest in supporting children who have language and social communication issues.

Speech and Language Therapy is my passion and through luck and taking a chance, I connected with Two Can Talk and the company director Mags. At Two Can Talk, I have the opportunity to delve into the world of teletherapy.

The three most important things in life are my husband, my family and my dog Sherlock.

Kelly Henson

I fell into the TCT team as I was Mags’ nanny. I had an interest in what she was doing and she asked me if I would consider switching roles and become her assistant which I was excited to do. What I love most about being a part of the TCT team is watching my clients grow and progress with their communication and how each session and child is different.

I feel that I can bring value to my clients as I have worked with children of all ages for many years in all different environments, so I feel that I can use tools from my past to help me in my sessions.

I am close with my family, I have one sister and two nephews. I have a love for animals, particularly dogs and horses. I enjoy spending lots of time with my animals, I go riding when I can. I also enjoy keeping active, I like running and taking part in races throughout the year.

The three most important things to me are my family and friends, my animals and living my life the best way I can and fulfilling all my personal goals.

Jude Harbour

I’m Jude Harbour and I’m an independent Speech and Language Therapist.

I’m originally from Sunderland and I studied in Leeds for my BSc in Clinical Language Sciences. I also trained in Applied Theology and Youth Ministry.

After university, I worked as a children’s and youth worker, which gave me a family-centred approach. I also have mentoring experience which helped me understand the challenges older teenagers face during transitions in their lives.

When my family moved to Cambridge in December 2017, I looked for a role in an independent practice. I felt better able to support children in this setting, where the speech and language therapists look after a wide variety of children with differing needs. Working at Two Can Talk provided this opportunity.

In my role I travel around the region meeting children with a range of needs. No one day is the same. I set achievable targets and I work closely with our speech and language therapy assistant. I work in homes and schools, regularly attend reviews, and meet many children, parents and professionals.

My speech and language therapy experience is broad. I am able to provide an individual service to each child, as well as employing a ‘whole team approach’, working alongside parents and education staff.

My personal mission is to see every child achieve their individual potential. The three most important things to me are my faith, my family and helping people live life to the fullest.

Janet O’Keefe

I’m Janet O’Keefe and I’m a Speech and Language Therapist. I’m originally from South East London, but I have lived in Cambridgeshire for over 30 years. We have 4 sons, one of whom is adopted and has complex needs. We also have some dogs. My hobbies include gardening and singing!

I have written two books and contributed to another on special educational needs. I enthusiastically share my knowledge of what works to make a positive difference to enhance wellbeing and quality of life as well as communication. My vision is a world where everyone has a voice that is heard, valued and respected.

I have a special interest in working with families of children with complex needs including autism, hearing impairment, and mental health issues.

Jane Martin

I’m Jane and I am an independent Speech and Language Therapist. I grew up in Histon in Cambridge, but now live in Ely, Cambridgeshire. I live with my teenage son and a rather bad tempered, but occasionally affectionate cat!

Years ago, I worked as a teaching assistant for hearing impaired children in a special school. One day, the headteacher kindly told me, “Stop hiding your light under a bushel”. That’s when I looked into Speech and Language Therapy.

I came to Two Can Talk after working with Mags in a previous role. I have always respected her knowledge and drive. We got back in touch with each other after having a client in common, so when Mags offered me a role working with her, I was flattered, so I said yes!

I love working with clients to assess, plan and deliver effective therapy and strategies. Two Can Talk gives me the time to do this without constraints, so I can provide professional support with a caring approach. Whenever I work with a child, I assess the entire family and offer advice that works for the family as a whole.

My personal mission is to ensure my son is happy and able to cope with the challenges of life, and to be the best therapist I can be, doing a job I love. My son, his happiness and creating good memories together, are the most important things in my life.

Emma Halls

I’m Emma Halls and I’m a Speech and Language Therapist.

I’m originally from East London, but I now live in Suffolk with my husband, and my two children, who desperately want a dog… or a dinosaur! My hobbies include music and art, and you’ll recognise me from my distinctive East End accent!

My past work provides a solid foundation to help young people with speech and language issues. I also have extensive knowledge of dinosaurs and tractors so my young clients and I can communicate better with each other!

The expertise of our manager Mags, along with my desire to help others brought me to Two Can Talk. I particularly enjoy the passion and support of the team and how well we work together.

I believe that everyone should have a voice. I want my clients to fulfil their full potential by helping them be heard and understood.

The three most important things to me are my family, my health and my home.

Candida Kent

Hello my name is Candida Kent and I am from Missouri in the USA. I have been a paediatric Occupational Therapist for 22 years and have lived and worked all over the globe. I am now settled in Norfolk with my husband, two amazing daughters, and a cheeky black lab named Jasmine.

I chose to be an Occupational Therapist after meeting and mentoring with an amazing paediatric Occupational Therapist when I was in my late 20s. I loved (and still love) the idea of helping parents support their children to achieve independence and happiness. I love how every family and child is different and I love learning from the families I work with, as well as from my colleagues.

Some of my areas of special interest include sensory processing challenges, sensory and oral motor feeding issues, addressing fine motor skills to improve functional skills such as dressing and handwriting, and providing developmental follow ups for babies born prematurely. My background has given me the privilege of working with children with a variety of complex diagnoses including Autism Spectrum Disorder, Cerebral Palsy, and genetic disorders such as Down Syndrome, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, and Angelman Syndrome.

I am very excited to join Mags and the Two Can Talk team. As developmental skills can be closely entwined, I look forward to learning from them as well as sharing my knowledge.

The three most important things in my life are my family and friends (both here and abroad), giving back to the community and helping others in need, and continuing to grow as a person and a professional.

Becky Frewin

I’m Becky Frewin and I’m a Speech and Language Therapist. I’m from Colchester, but I now live in Ely with my husband, and two daughters. As a mum I empathise with parents of young children going through difficulties. I enjoy working with a wide range of clients, putting experience into practice and developing knowledge in new areas.

I have many experience in Speech and Language Therapy and have worked in education and healthcare with people of all ages. I have a certificate in British Sign Language Level 1, trained in introductory Cued Speech, and I am working towards TalkTools Level 1 accreditation.

Speech and language therapy is important to be because of my love for language and helping people. At Two Can Talk, I offer clinical specialties that complement the existing team.

My personal mission is to do my best for the families I work with by being kind, considerate and friendly. The three most important things in my life are my husband and two daughters.

Amy Partridge

I’m Amy Partridge and I’m so excited to be part of the Two Can Talk family. My motto is that every child deserves a voice and it’s my mission to make this happen. Each child is different and therefore it’s vital that therapy is tailored to their individual needs. Adaptability is key!

Having qualified as a Speech and Language Therapist in 2019, I’m ready to put seven years of studying into practice. My first degree was in English Language and during this time I spent a year working in Barcelona as a Conversation Assistant; this is where my passion for speech and language therapy really took off. I learned just how vital communication is and the impact a communication difficulty can have on the lives of individuals and their loved ones. From then on, there’s been no looking back.

I’ve always loved helping people. Previous roles include working with children who have various difficulties associated with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Autism, amongst others. I have a keen interest in complex needs and this is an area I am extremely passionate about. Watch this space!

My manager and the company director, Mags, is an absolute inspiration and I am very lucky to be part of such a fabulous company. I am one of several therapists within the team, which gives us the opportunity to learn from each other and strive to be the best we can be, both for the team and our clients. We regularly attend training courses, ensuring our clinical knowledge is both up to date and relevant, achieving the best outcomes for our clients.

The three most important things to me are love, making memories and my family!

Claire Pickard

I am a Speech and Language Assistant for Two Can Talk. I support speech therapists to implement programmes that ensure the children we work with reach their targets and make as much progress as is possible.

I am originally from Croydon, South London and surprisingly studied Archaeology as my Bachelors degree. This was an amazing opportunity to travel the world, experience new cultures and eat fantastic food (I love to eat!). During my time at University I also worked in special schools supporting children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder and it was this work that inspired me to train as a teacher. I gained my Post Graduate Certificate in Education from the University of Cambridge in 2002, with a specialism in SEND. I have lived in Cambridge ever since. During my time as a teacher, I taught all of the Primary Year groups and worked as a Special Needs Co-ordinator and Deputy Headteacher before qualifying as a Head teacher in 2010. I loved my eleven years working as a Headteacher and during this period I was appointed as a National Leader of Education, supporting struggling schools to improve.

Also whilst working as a Head, I became the proud mother of two sons. My youngest was born with a genetic disorder, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. When he was very small and the NHS would not help him I contacted Two Can Talk for some advice and Mags supported us in teaching him to speak. He is now seven years old and despite all of the negative forecasts when he was younger, does speak and is able to communicate effectively. Working with Mags and the Two Can Talk team was an absolute pleasure and it was this experience that made me determined to pursue a change of direction in my career.

I am eager to use my broad range of experience, both personal and professional, to work in partnership with parents to help their child realise their potential. I believe all children should be given the tools they need to communicate effectively and it is a joy to work with a team of like minded individuals that all go the extra mile to ensure every child has the best chance possible.

Leslie Crowson

I’m Leslie Crowson, Speech and Language Therapy Assistant, a local boy, being born in March but moved to Peterborough at the age of 12.

I feel privileged to be one of two men to work for Two can Talk. Only very recently joining the workforce, my background has been in mainstream education for the best part of 30 years, starting as a Teaching Assistant and then rising to the dizzy heights of a Higher Level Teaching Assistant 10 years ago, retiring in December 2021. It was an encounter with Mags and Ray, when tuning their piano, that the opportunity arose for me to join the team. Working with children and the problems they have especially special needs, that has given me some experience in the field, but we learn new things everyday and I am embracing the challenge at the wrong side of 55!

My background is very much as a musician, conductor and teacher of music, and the opportunity of giving therapy through music is exciting, I have previous knowledge and experience. Outside work I love gardening, cross stitch and Amateur Dramatics. I am also a qualified piano tuner with nearly 40 years experience.

Ellie Kimberley

I’m Ellie and I’m a Speech and Language Therapist.

I grew up in Ely, Cambridgeshire, before moving to Reading for four years to complete my Speech and Language Therapy degree. After graduating in 2018, I moved back to Cambridgeshire, and now live in Cottenham with my husband Joseph.

I always had a passion for English language and linguistics, but I wanted to use those skills to help others. Speech and Language Therapy was the perfect combination for me! After I graduated, I spent over three years working with adults in a hospital, where I worked with people recovering from stroke, traumatic brain injury and other neurological conditions, and across the general acute wards.

I am so excited to be working at Two Can Talk (TCT). It is very important to me to make a real difference to the individuals I work with, and to provide a holistic and individually-tailored approach, and TCT provides those opportunities, alongside valuable training and experience in a wide variety of areas.

Outside work, I most enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love classical music, beautiful gardens and architecture, classic literature, cats, baking, and playing the piano.

Katie Moulson

I am from Norwich but my partner and I are now living in Bury St Edmunds. I joined Two Can Talk in July 2021 and I’m so excited to be part of this amazing team. I believe that every child should be given the best opportunity at life and communication is such a key part of this.

My love for Speech and Language Therapy started when my Mum received Therapy for a paralysed vocal cord. I was mesmerised by how you could help someone’s voice and talking without physically manipulating anything. I wanted to help people in the same way that lady helped my Mum and that is where my passion for the job came from. After completing a Level 3 in Childcare and Education and then continuing to Speech and Language Therapy, I am so excited to finally embark on my adventures as a Speech and Language Therapist and help make a difference to children and families lives.

I have a particular interest in early language development and special educational needs and hope to specialise in special needs as I become a more experienced therapist. I am loving getting to know my job role and position and can’t wait for my exciting job whilst with Two Can Talk.

The three most important things to me are happiness, my family and friends and making memories.

Hayley Andrew

My name is Hayley Andrew and I’m your ‘go to’ for all things admin at TCT.

I joined the TCT team in 2021 having held previous roles mentoring adults with additional needs and working closely with children with communication difficulties in a special school. I have seen first-hand the difference that the right therapy (and therapist!) can make to both a child and parents life; this is one of the reasons why I was so excited to join the Two Can Talk team.

I have a natural desire to help and support people – whether this be organising our therapists’ very busy calendars, or being that friendly, reassuring voice over the phone when you call to make your very first appointment with us. My supportive nature extends to my personal life, as I am a certified Counsellor, Coach and Mentor and regularly support members of my local community.

Outside of work, you can usually find me walking my big retired racing Greyhound Jim, with my incredible partner Alex around the beautiful rural Cambridgeshire countryside – my happy place.

I am currently on maternity leave eagerly following the arrival of our beautiful daughter and I will return to my role in 2023.

Rachael Snell

Hi I am Rachael
I Joined the Two Can Talk team as an admin assistant in September 2021 to help out with the increased admin work of a growing company. In my previous employment I was a teaching assistant in Rotherham and Sheffield which I did for around 15 years, before that I did various nursery and nannying roles.

Chelsea Honeywood

I’m Chelsea, and I’m one of the Administration Assistants for Two Can Talk. I have worked for Mags for 8 years as a Nanny to her three wonderful children. I have now stepped into the role of Admin Assistant to help make sure everything runs smoothly.

I’m a mum to the cutest little boy, Oscar, and four year old cockapoo, Buddy. I really enjoy the organisation side of the job and also speaking with clients. I love that I can work from home and see Oscar grow and learn alongside working.
I really enjoy family time with my husband, Oscar and Buddy, seeing my friends and hitting my goals on my peloton bike.

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